Finance is social. Social Networks are created for investors to access and leverage collective ideas and wisdom.

The ability to carry out an open discussion, to express and interact with the financial community is one of the greatest keys to learning, understanding, and self-growth.

TradingView is one platform that combines excellent charting capabilities with social networking features, that over 30million traders and investors use worldwide, to identify investment opportunities across diverse global markets.

Investors seek the best opportunities to invest their hard-earned capital. The better they are equipped, the better decisions they can make. Having access to quality data feeds, charting & social networking features that are rolled together in one platform gives an investor a solid headstart and a big advantage in their investing journey.

Let’s take a look at the features provided by TradingView.

1. Charting & Research Platform:

Whether you want to just look up the latest stock price or analyze price patterns. TradingView’s excellent platform provides access across global markets to real-time data feeds of stocks, indexes, futures, cryptos, Bitcoin, and more.

Research and study stocks, take notes, make notations, and easily access your studies across your multiple devices. The powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use platform provides cloud-based alerts, push alerts to alert you in time to cash in on opportunities.

For the fundamental investor, a plethora of financial fields, ratios, data, statements, and valuation analyses are available and can be applied to the charts.

2. Social Networking:

Social investing and trading is the alternative way to analyze financial data by looking at what other traders are doing.

The WEF describes social tracking networks as disruptors that have emerged to provide low-cost, sophisticated alternatives to wealth managers.

Finance is social. A vast number of users on TradingView openly share their opportunities & investment ideas. This freely sharing of the ideas, the trading strategies employed greatly benefits the community as a whole.

The ability to openly discuss and interact fosters builds and grows the enthusiastic community of investors and traders.

3. Chat & Live Streaming: 

TradingView is where the investing community across the globe charts, chats, and trades the markets from all across the globe. Chat in real-time with traders. The live streaming platform even enables you to broadcast your trading activity live, if you wish.

Publish your analysis, charts, studies and share them with the community to inspire them. Produce your analysis as a video idea, to help others learn and gain better insights into your thought processes.

4. Global Markets Data: 

Tradingview provides reliable, real-time data feeds from major markets across the world, in one single platform. Access the depths of the markets and coverage that’s simply impressive. Whether it’s stocks, futures, or cryptos, you’ll find it all under one umbrella. All data and your studies, alerts are auto-synced and updated across your multiple devices effortlessly and automatically.

Investing & Trading are lonely endeavors.

A wealth of ideas and opportunities are continuously floating around. For the investor, seeker, learner the ability to spot ideas in time, discuss with others, understand their perspectives help tremendously in improving investment performance.

Which is your favorite social network to stay connected with the investing and trading community?