True Wealth is Gauged by the Mental Health of the Individual

True Wealth is Gauged by the Mental Health of the Individual

Strong mental health goes a long way in achieving financial freedom and in meeting and exceeding life goals. Research has shown that meditation can help in handling stress, negative emotions, mood swings, and excessive behaviors in a superior manner.

It is estimated that less than 15% of people meditate, despite it being highly recommended by business leaders, scientists, doctors, and the medical fraternity.

Meditation is just being delighted in your own presence – OSHO

Being a meditator for the last forty years, I’ve experimented and dabbled with several forms and practices of meditation. I’ve often given up along the way and am grateful to have restarted and kept at it.

My meditation practice in fact took off on a far more serious note when I came across Yvan Byeajee in 2018. His tweets and courses were a huge source of inspiration. As a hugely inspiring trader and meditator, his courses were instrumental in helping me to connect better with my long terms desires and goals.

If you are struggling in your journey as a trader and looking out for ways and means to become better at trading, then I invite you to explore the possibilities of incorporating meditation in your life.

Improved Concentration and Focus:

Meditation when practiced regularly leads to clear thinking, better decision-making, staying calmer, and being more focussed.

The beauty of meditation is that it helps to keep awareness directed and focussed on the task at hand. One tends to experience and is fully immersed in the chosen activity while remaining free of distractions (how cool is that in today’s highly distracted world).

Traders often fall victim to several destructive behaviors, fears, and bad habits. Revenge trading, overtrading, experiencing FOMO, regret, and even depression are all common traits observed especially in the trading arena.

When the trader remains process focussed and directs energies to things that are controllable, the outcomes automatically take care of themselves.

Increased Mental Clarity and Creativity: 

As a stock market trader, maintaining deep focus and stable attention while analyzing the markets is vital. The ability to be gain excellent clarity on the trade setup and the various possible scenarios helps in assessing an opportunity better.

Great clarity and creativity are experienced only when one is free of emotions and judgments. Meditators tend to stay mindful, aware, and conscious during studying and trading the markets.

Heightened excitement, anger, greed, fear are the emotions that cloud judgment. Irrational behavior is normal under extreme emotions, which only leads to damaging the account and the trader’s mindset in the long run.

Meditation is known to hold the key to becoming peaceful, balanced, disciplined, and consistent in the game of trading and in life.

Experiencing Detachment: 

Trading activity can be tough and demanding physically and mentally. High levels of stress, emotional reactions all lead to elevated emotional states.

Becoming and staying less reactive, less impulsive, becoming reflective usually results in overall general well-being, and reflects in the trading accounts as well.

If you want to understand exactly what meditation is, Gautama Buddha was the first to define its exact definition – “Its Witnessing”

Strong mental health helps in taking better decisions and staying neutral and unaffected by major market events. Who knows this better than traders who get to see all sorts of stresses, frustrations, and psychological issues on a daily basis.

Whether the market is experiencing a major volatile move, or when the trading account goes through a major drawdown. Staying grounded matters at all times. This ability is a true superpower.

There is no right or wrong path in Meditation.

Meditation means “Just to be”, not to do anything. No action, no thought, and no emotions.

Meditation starts by being separate from the mind, by just being a witness. Its benefits start to accrue and compound when practiced diligently and consciously over a long period of time.

It’s only by persevering and being consistent that one becomes better at it. The more one practices, the better one gets at it.

The form of meditation does not matter. Choose the one you are attracted to, experiment with it. Stick to your practices. With time you will know what works and what’s good for you.

If you are struggling in your journey as a trader and looking out for ways and means to become better as a trader and individual, then I invite you to explore and incorporate meditation practices in your life and experience for yourself its positive and far-reaching benefits.

Who knows, in this exciting journey ahead, where the rich, vibrant, and amazing path will lead you?